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  • What is a discussion list?

Discussion lists are used by a group of people with a common interest to discuss or receive communications about that interest. Put simply, they are a mechanism by which you send an e-mail message to one address, and the Sierra Club's computer system automatically distributes that message to all the people who have said that they want to discuss it with you.

  • What is an alerts list?

Alerts lists, sometimes referred to as announcement lists, are for those who don't want to participate in back and forth discussions, but do want to know when a letter is needed to a legislator or agency, or an interesting meeting has been scheduled in their area.  Alerts lists tell you about these things, without the added e-mails that two way discussion brings.

  • How do I join a list?

Click on the 'join or leave list' icon next to the appropriate list name at the bottom of this page.  It will take you to a sign-up form.  Enter your email address on that form and click the join button.  You must then respond to an email message sent to your email address to complete the registration (this is to prevent you from subscribing all your "friends" without their knowledge).

  • How do I leave a list?

The same link below that lets you join a list also lets you leave the list.  Click on the link below, enter your email address, and select the appropriate option.

  • How do I send a message to a list?

In general, you must be a subscriber to a discussion list (see "How do I join a list?") in order to post a message to the list.  Send the message to a single email address, which is, replacing listname appropriately of course.  The message will then get distributed to everyone subscribed to the list.  For alerts and announcement lists, you do not need to be a subscriber.  However, the list moderator will in that case review your message to ensure that it is appropriate to the list before approving it for distribution.

  • How do I change my own or someone else's email address on a list

Note that only the person who owns the email address, or the owner of a list, can change their  address on the list.

If you are a general user/subscriber, from either your old email address or your new email address, send an email to with the command in the message area (not the subject area) of "change *" without the quotes and replacing the example old and new email addresses appropriately.  You will get at your new address, and need to act on, a confirmation email for every list you change.  This prevents third parties from changing your address without your consent.

If you are the owner of a list acting on the request of a subscriber, you can do the same, or you can enter that command from the COMMAND option of your manage list area.  Please check the message you get back showing your results.  The subscriber may be subscribed to lists that you do not own. can issue the command for all RMC-* lists, or can issue the command club wide.

If you are an owner, and need to change your owner address in the list headers, and you have set up a password for your old address, enter the configuration option of the manage list function and change the appropriate line(s).  There may also be an editor line with your address if the list is an alerts only list.  Don't forget to change that one too.  Click the UPDATE button to complete the process.  If you have not yet set a password for your old address, and still have access to that address, set the password first.  If you never set a password, and no longer have access to your old address, will have to do this for you. 

  • Why and how do I get a password for list access?

    It's a simple matter for anyone to enter anyone else's email address on a form and pretend to be them.  The password helps the system know that the person claiming to be you is really you.  Click on the 'set password link below', tell the system what password you want to use, and then wait for a confirmation email.  Click on the link in that email to confirm the password, and you are done.  The first time afterwards that you try to do something that requires a password, such as view archives, the system will ask for your email address and password, which it will save in a cookie on your computer.

    Set your discussion list password

  • How do I view message archives?

You must be subscribed to a list in order to view its archives.  You'll also need a password.  Click on the 'view archives' link for your list which will then present you with a chronological list of archive files as well as the option of performing a search using key words.

  • I am a chapter or group leader who owns a list.  What do I do to manage it?

The Rocky Mountain Chapter I.T. Committee identified you as an owner.  If you haven't done so already, follow the link for identifying yourself to the system by creating and confirming a password.  Click on the 'manage list' link for your list below.  

  • I am a group or committee chair who wants to start a new list. What do I do?

All lists must be on the Sierra Club server in San Francisco.  National I.T. staff will set them up for you.  They just need the particulars from you so that they can configure it correctly.  They get that from a questionnaire that you complete.  In the part of the questionnaire that asks for the list owners, include as one of the owners .  That way, our local I.T. Committee will have administrative access so that we can assist you later if there are any problems.

List creation portal 

  • Why do some lists say 'not open'?

Some lists are open to voting committee members only.  Contact the committee chair if you think you should be included on that list.  The committee chair will also be the list owner.  

  • How do I contact the owner of a list? will deliver mail solely to the owner(s) of the list.  Replace listname with the real list name, obviously.

  • How do I invite people to join my committee/group/section list?

If you nose around our system enough, you'll be able to figure out that owners can add people to their lists by themselves.  This qualifies as a Really Bad Idea[sm].  If you add someone to your list without their explicit informed consent, and they know the right mechanism for filing a complaint and making it stick, it could cost you your own internet connectivity, cost the Sierra Club its connectivity, and generally get people really annoyed at you.  It's also considered a violation of accepted practices.  Instead, go to the 'join or leave' link for your list below and enter their email address there.  This will cause an email to be sent to their address which they must respond to in order to be added to the list.  If they don't want onto your list, they trash that email and the issue is closed without them getting any unsolicited mail from us (aka spam).  If you have been maintaining an internal committee list that has too many addresses to be managed that way, send one message to the people on your list with a link to replacing listname with the name of your list.  They can enter their address there, respond to the confirmation email, and add themselves.

  • Where do I go if I have more questions?

  • The list of lists


Name Description Join or leave list View Archives Owner Management
RMC-ALERTS Issue Alerts 
RMC-ANNOUNCE Event announcements 
RMC-EXCOMM-PACKETS Excomm mtg logistics members only
RMC-LEADERS RMC leaders leaders only
RMC-LEGISLATIVE-ANNOUNCE Legislative status alerts
RMC-NEWSLETTER Notices that P&P newsletter available on-line
Gay and Lesbian Section alerts list
RMC-SINGLES-ANNOUNCE Singles group announcements
RMC-ICO-ANNOUNCE ICO Committee announcements

Issue Discussion Lists
Name Description Join or leave list View Archives Owner Management
RMC-CONS-COMM General issues 
RMC-CONS-VOTING-COMM Conservation Committee votes not open
RMC-MINING-COMM Mining Committee not open
RMC-CONS-AIR Air Quality
RMC-ENERGY-ALERTS Energy Committee only
RMC-CONS-ENERGY Responsible Energy
RMC-CONS-PEST Pesticides 
RMC-CONS-POP Population (Colo members only)
National population 
RMC-SPRAWL Sprawl debate
RMC-SOLIDWASTE-COMM Solid Waste Committee
RMC-TOXICS-COMM Toxics Committee
Genetic engineering committee


Administrative Committees
Name Description Join or leave list View Archives Owner Management
RMC-EXCOMM Excomm debate (open to SC members only)
RMC-EXCOMM-POLL Excomm votes Not Open
RMC-AWARDS-COMM Awards committee Not Open
RMC-FINANCE-COMM Finance Committee Not Open
RMC-FUNDRAISING Fundraising committee (open to SC members only)
RMC-GLS-COMM GLS Steering Committee Not Open
RMC-GROUP-LEADERS Group activists discussion (group activists only)
RMC-IT-COMM I.T. Committee
RMC-RECYCLEIT-COMM PC Recycling Task Force
RMC-WEBMASTERS-FORUM Chapter webmaster flying squad
RMC-LEGISLATIVE-COMM Leg comm discussion

Not Open

RMC-OUTINGS Outings leader discussion
RMC-PANDP Newsletter committee
RMC-RETREAT Annual Retreat Committee
RMC-SCPC Political Committee not open
RMC-VITALITY Building up local organizations
RMC-ICO-LEADERS Inner City Outings
RMC-LEGAL-COMM Legal Committee Not Open

Pick your area:

 [Aurora][Boulder][Colorado Springs][Denver][Durango][Evergreen][Ft. Collins][Grand Junction][Littleton][North Jeffco][Pueblo][Roaring Forks Valley][Steamboat][Summit]  

Local Area Lists
Area of State
Name Description Join or leave list View Archives Owner Management
Summit, Eagle, Grand Counties
RMC-BRG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
Denver, Glendale
RMC-EMG-ACTIVISTS Activist discussion
RMC-EMG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
Aurora, Parker
RMC-HPG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
RMC-HPG-FORUM Activist discussion
Boulder County
RMC-IPG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
RMC-IPG-CONS-COMM Conservation discussion
RMC-IPG-CORE Activist discussion
RMC-IPG-ENERGY-COMM Energy Committee
RMC-IPG-EXCOMM Executive Committee not open
RMC-IPG-OUTINGS-NEWS Outings announcements
RMC-IPG-POLITICAL-ANNOUNCE Political Announcements
RMC-IPG-POLITICAL-COMM Political Committee not open
RMC-IPG-SPRAWL-COMM Sprawl Committee
RMC-IPG-VOLUNTEERS Volunteer Opportunities
Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey
RMC-MEG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
Larimer, Weld counties
RMC-PCG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
RMC-PCG-CONS Conservation Comm
RMC-PCG-CORE Activists Discussion
RMC-PCG-EXCOM Executive Comm
El Paso, Teller counties
RMC-PPG-ACTIVISTS Activist discussion
RMC-PPG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
RMC-PPG-CONS-COMM Conservation committee Not Open
RMC-PPG-EXCOM Executive committee Not Open
RMC-PPG-FUNDRAISING-COMM Fundraising committee Not Open
RMC-PPG-MINING-COMM Mining committee Not Open
RMC-PPG-POL-LEG-COMM Political / Legislative Not Open
RMC-PPG-RECYCLING Recycling committee
Singles News
RMC-PPG-SPRAWL-OPENSPACE-COMM Sprawl / Open Space Committee Not Open
RMC-PPG-WEB-NEWS Web News (members only)
Northern Jeffco, Lakewood
RMC-RCG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
Pueblo, Arkansas River Valley
RMC-SDCG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
RMC-SDCG-CORE Activists Discussion
Western Arapahoe,Douglas,Littleton,Northern Elbert
RMC-SPG-ACTIVISTS Activists Discussion
RMC-SPG-NEWS Newsletter by Email
Roaring Forks Valley
Routt, Moffat, Jackson, Rio Blanco counties
RMC-TLG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
Delta, Montrose, Grand Junction, Crested Butte
RMC-UG-ALERTS Issue Alerts
RMC-UG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
RMC-UG-TALK Activists Discussion
RMC-UG-EXCOM Executive Committee  Discussion not open
RMC-UG-ENERGY-COMM Energy Committee  Discussion
Durango, Cortez
RMC-WG-ALERTS Issue Alerts
RMC-WG-ANNOUNCE Meeting & events
RMC-WG-ALP Animas LaPlata
RMC-WG-TALK Activists Discussion

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